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Aaron W. Reed is a prize-winning bodybuilder and former WWE pro wrestler whose intense self-study of nutrition led him to a powerful discovery. Strictly through “eating correctly,” athletes can deliver top performance and create physiques beyond any goal.

In The SuperNatural Lifestyle, Aaron takes readers on a journey that dispels food myths and answers an often-confusing question: “What should I be eating?” The solution is simple yet unbelievably dynamic. Eat whole foods and learn how to listen to your own body because the body is our wisest teacher.

Aaron shares the principles he developed to naturally manipulate the metabolism to its best advantage through “eating correctly.” In The SuperNatural Lifestyle, readers will discover:

The importance of never combining sugars and fats
How meal cadences can build an unbelievable physique
Why it is so important to eat whole foods instead of “what have ya”
How to manipulate your natural insulin spike for SuperNatural results
The “secret” post-workout meal developed by Aaron for metabolic power
How the body can naturally achieve good health
Aaron’s meal templates that can be individualized
And much, much more

The SuperNatural Lifestyle ISN’T JUST FOR BODYBUILDERS.

It’s for anyone who wants a better sense of wellbeing and high-level energy in a world where poor nutrition has become standard for most. Readers will find menu templates created by Aaron for everyone from those who don’t exercise that often to “9-to-5ers” working toward optimum fitness.

Aaron’s goal is to start a Wellness Revolution. Join him. You will achieve success and good health that exceed your highest dreams.

Customer Reviews

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Vega Vargis
Very educational

Aaron has a way of breaking information down so all can fully comprehend. I love the meal preps. That alone was worth far more than the retail price of the book. Hopefully he drops a second edition.

Ian Hayes
Definitely a must read!!

One of the best investments I have a couple weeks in and my body feels it. Already sleeping better waking up with more energy like Aaron said there’s a correct way to do things and this book is one of those things. If you’re serious about wanting to improve your health this book will help you reach it.

Ethan Rothstein


Guest Customer
Great information

I've been applying the separation of fats/sugers and I haven't even finished the book yet and both my son and I have lost fat, not strength. Great book and can't wait to fully dive into the low volume training.

Marc Johnston
Great Book

This book is very well done. I learned everything I wanted to about metabolism and nutrient timing. It is also nice to know how and how not to pair certain foods.