Supplements I Recommend

 Each Category Outlined For You.
Including Women

1.) My Post Workout Supplements.

Key for taking advantage of the insulin spike from Dextrose. Each is an insulin Mimetic that works in its own way. Click image for price and info!

BCAA no artificial sweeteners No Artificial sweeteners 

Dextrose Sugar Post Workout Catalyst

2.) Pre-Workout Supplements 

My Favorite compounds to get jacked! These compounds combined witll get you pumped without the stimulants. 


Arginine AAKG

Grape Seed



Beta Alinine

 Citrulline Malate

 3.) Liver Support

These are a couple things everyone should use but especially if you are on cycle.

Liver care

Milk Thistle

 4.) Prostate Health 

Saw Palmetto has been shown to help the prostate remain healthy and even reduce swelling but it also helps prevent hair loss and regrow hair! This is because it blocks testosterone from converting to DHT. The molecule responsible for issues with prostate and hair loss.

Saw Palmetto prostate hair loss

 5.) Hormone Balance

Making sure your hormones are in the right spot is critical for mental and physical health. 

DHEA Hormone

 6.) Heart Health 

Making sure your cardiovascular system is pumping and flowing smoothly is vital for longevity 

White willow bark Aspirin

 7.) Testosterone Booster

These products work marginally compared to the Real Deal but they do provide some benefits. 

Tribulis Terrestris

  8.) Diuretic 

These are safe NATURAL water depletion herbs that I stand by for myself and my clients that compete.


Uva Ursi

  9.) Sleep

Here are some key items I use to help me get better sleep. 

Magnesium sleep constipation

Here are the things I use when I’m sick. Also zinc 50mg it’s already listed in sleep category 

Zinc Losenges

Vitamin C
Echinacea Goldenseal
Pink Himalayan Salt