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As busy as I am I always make time to get on top of my fitness first. Let me show you the quickest way to reach your fitness goals. I specialize in over all body Aesthetics and Glute enhancement for women. I have trained everything from moms after pregnancy, men going through divorce, women with type 1 diabetes to Contest prep For Bikini pros and Bodybuilders, I have also got some of your favorite actors ready for TV like (Justin Baldoni and James Preston Rogers) to name a few. I am the author of The SuperNatural Lifestyle, your guide to nutritional freedom. I am a current SAG Union Actor pursuing Gigs. My last role was “Dude” on the global box office it FREEGUY. With 28 yrs of experience I have a rounded grasp on all aspects of health and fitness. I can help anyone with a spark of motivation and willingness to learn. Feel free to browse my website, see if a “take home program” is right for you instead.