League of Giants

Posted by Aaron Reed on

For all my Tall Guys (6’3” and up) and Tall Girls (5’10” and up) I have created a place for us to gather and share our knowledge. I will be adding Training and Eating tips. But I encourage others to contribute their progress, goals, stores to shop for tall clothes etc. Welcome Fam!

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  • Looks we quickly got a loser Troll trying to mix in with us giants. Nobody likes Biden. Let’s see who agrees? Who is voting for strength and power, Trump? Or senile and cowardice?

    Aaron Reed on
  • 6’5" 290 20%, been following you for awhile. Thank you

    Andrew on
  • 6’4" 260, 12%. Tall guys for Biden! #BLM

    Dan Sullivan on
  • Im 19 6’6 260 😬

    Declan Schreiber on
  • 6’6 250
    Facebook group would be cool af !

    Quintin Jones on

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